August 16, 2022

TAS Meeting Minutes August 16, 2022

The meeting commenced at 7:00 PM. There were 30 in attendance in person, and 6 in attendance via Zoom. President Nick Morgan opened the meeting.   

There were no minutes from July due to Heather being in Scotland.

Kaitlyn gave the first treasurer’s report since April. There have been several deposits made. Current balance is $9,896.80. The proposed budget passed at the April meeting. The CD has $5,229.25. There was a question about paying the Caddo Mounds Grass Hut rebuilding through discretionary funds. Nick proposed a $100 contribution. Officers have been talking about adding an electronic button on the website to pay for membership fees. Kaitlyn proposed adding a fee to cover the fees charged to us as a nonprofit. The motion to accept the minutes was passed by all members. 

The speaker was Harry J. Shafer, Ph.D, who joined us via Zoom. His presentation was about Human Predation and Climate Change involving the bison (nature’s Walmart).

Presentation ended at 8:21 PM. Meeting concluded at 8:23 PM.