October 16, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7pm by President Nick Morgan. 

Secretary Robin Matthews read the September 18th minutes and the minutes of the Board meeting of Oct. 3rd 2018. These were approved by a motion by Doris Hill and 2nd by Karen Fustes.

Treasurer Jonelle Chapman gave the Treasurer’s Report and added that two new members have just joined. 

Nick Morgan summarized the progress at the Joyful Horse site and added that work there will be concluding soon. He mentioned that he would like to get some carbon 14 dates on some mussel shells from the site. Steve Davis suggested optical luminescence dating as a possibility. 

Elliot Richmond made a motion, with a second by Sean Worsham for TvCAS to make the following donations: 

Texas Beyond History  $500.00

TAS Research Support Fund $300.00

TAS Collegiate Fund  $500.00

The motion passed by a voice vote.

Vicki Worsham announced that great show would be on TV about the “Timeline of Archeological History from the Ground Up.” 

Leslie Bush announced a request from TAS President Paula Vastine for volunteers to help load back issues of the TAS Bulletin for transportation to the Annual Meeting in San Antonio. 

Steve Davis announced that Journal Volume 4 has an interpretive activity on its cover about Texas projectile points and would be a great learning tool for school students and any interested person.

Pat Mercado announced that on December 10th there will be an exhibit at the Bullock Museum titled “Becoming Texan” and that it presents the material from several viewpoints. 

The famous Elton Prewitt gave a most excellent presentation of his findings on the various types and characteristics of Painted Pebbles in Texas. Great detail showing the many styles and discussing various opinions by other experts on the meanings and thinking behind the creation of painted pebbles.

A round of applause followed the presentation as did many questions.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Submitted by Secretary Robin Matthews