September 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Nick Morgan at 7:00pm.  Nick mentioned the memorial to be held for May Schmidt.

Nick stated that the TvCAS Board would meet soon to look at Budget issues and other matters.

Nick read the minutes of August minutes.

Jonelle Chapman gave the Treasurer’s report.

Robin Matthews moved, and _________________seconded a motion to accept these reports.

Robin mentioned that at the recent TAS Board meeting, by consensus, it was agreed to put a plaque on the TAS Cook’s trailer honoring May Schmidt.

Past President Vicki Worsham announced the Bullock Museum was having an Indian Celebration exhibit beginning on September 28th.

Mary Beth Tomka spoke about the parking situation at TARL and that volunteers were needed to help relocate boxes of material.

Nick announced the TARL Archeology Fair and that TvCAS would have a table with brochures and a banner.

Nick added that the Joyful Horse and structure survived hurricane Harvey and that he has set up a culturally rich section for Boy Scouts to come and work on the Merit Badge requirements.

Robin stated that there are two groups of Scouts that are asking for assistance with a mock dig and schedules are being worked out to visit Joyful Horse.

Dan Prykryl gave a very interesting presentation on the Rob Roy Site and Annex.

There were 30 people present at this meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:32pm.

Submitted by:  Secretary Robin Matthews