February 19, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President Nick Morgan. 

Acting Secretary Robin Matthews read the Minutes from the January meeting. Secretary Vicky Worsham was not present.

The Minutes were accepted by a motion by Kathy Richmond and second by Ken Brown. 

Presently there is no Treasurer, so President Nick Morgan gave the Treasurer’s Report and it was accepted with a motion by Ron Ralph and second by Leslie Bush.

Robin thanked all those who loaned him trowels, tapes, and artifacts for their multi-day activities with a private school in north Austin. He reported that the kids and the teachers immensely enjoyed all the activities and that the teacher knew one of the professors in the Gault DVD and that some of the kids in the DVD were her former students! 

Leslie Bush announced the following upcoming activities: East Texas Archeology Conference Feb. 23 at Ornelas Activity Center in Tyler. University of Texas at Tyler.  8am. $20 at door. 

LUAS Fair March 23rd 10am-3pm. Volunteer groups are: Travis Co. Archeological Society, Gault School of Archeology, Hill Country Archeological Society and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.

Leslie also announced that TAS will have a Lithics Academy in San Marcos at Texas State April 27 and 28. $100 plus TAS Membership. Lunches and snacks provided.

Ron Ralph and Bob Ward reported on the status of the Ft. Colorado-Ft. Coleman site and discussed the possibility of TvCAS helping with a site called Ft. Prairie community. This is a great opportunity for Travis Co. Archeological Society. The project will involve shovel testing, measuring old structures, setting up square units, and recommending interpretive signage. 

This project is being organized by Richard Denney, THC member.

TvCAS members interested in volunteering, should contact:

          Ron Ralph (ronralph@austin.rr.com) or 

          Bob Ward (bobward7@gmail.com)

Andy Malof gave an interesting presentation on using rabdotus and other shells as a way to date archeological sites. In his presentation, he demonstrated the chemistry and biology involved in this process and suggested some refinement in the process  may be necessary. The site needed to be identified and researched to see if it met the criteria to warrant changing the path of utility lines.

There were 27 people in attendance.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm

Submitted by Acting Secretary Robin Matthews