January 29, 2018 Board Meeting

The TvCAS Board met at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL) on January 29th at 10:00am to discuss four main issues as described by President Nick Morgan. These were: meeting location, lab work for Joyful Horse artifacts, future speakers, and the LUAS Fair on Saturday March 24th.

1. The vote was tallied on whether to choose Casa Chapala restaurant as the new meeting place for TvCAS. Nick went over the votes turned in at the January meeting and the results were inconclusive. 7 for 7 against, and 6 no opinion. The pros and cons were discussed and it was decided not to choose Casa Chapala, citing menu restrictions, cost, and traffic.

There was discussion about not having the meetings at restaurant. Leslie found out that there were no libraries that had vacancies during our time slots, although this might be an option for next year.

Robin volunteered to drive south from TARL to see if there were any possibilities on Burnet Road.

2. Robin and Ann have volunteered their patio or garage as a place to process artifacts from Joyful Horse and stated that they would provide lunch. A target date is sometime in March 2018. Nick described what needed to be done and what has already been done in terms of processing the Joyful Horse artifacts. Jonelle gave consideration as to cost of supplies necessary. Nick suggested the idea that there be a re-internment of some of the debitage and artifacts and invite Native Americans to have a ceremonial participation. Doris and most of the group thought this was a good idea. The question of videotaping the event was briefly mentioned and this would be depending on the Native American's permission.

Nick indicated that there was a Bastrop Museum that might be interested in any artifacts that the landowner did not wish to keep. It was reiterated that all artifacts belong to the landowner.

3. Nick mentioned that speakers were needed for March and May. Susan Dial's name was mentions as a possible speaker. Also mentioned was to get someone from the Texas State Spring Lake Underwater project. About this time, Elton Prewitt came into the room and he agreed to be the speaker in March.!

4. LUAS Fair March 24th is looking for help from TvCAS. Robin, Leslie, Nick, and Ken have volunteered to help with various activities.

5. Other: Nick mentioned a site that he has been to that has Field School potential and will continue to work with the landowner on this possibility.

6. Other: It was decided to start sending "thank you" notes to the speakers and presenters at TvCAS meetings.

Board Members Present: Nick Morgan, Doris Hill, Robin Matthews, Jonelle Chapman, Ken Hedrick, and Leslie Bush. The meeting was adjourned at 12:40pm