March 19, 2024

The meeting commenced at 7:15 PM

There were 28 people in attendance in person and three via Zoom.

Heather Leonard read the February minutes. The meeting was accepted by all present. 

Caitlin read the Treasurer's Report.  There is $9,893.83 in our checking account. Our PO Box was paid for. There is $66 in petty cash and  we passed the hat to gather more funds. There is now $5, 230.91 in the CD.  The Treasurer's Report was accepted by all, as was the 2024 budget.

Leslie told us that the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8 is on her birthday and she'll have cake at her house.  

Our speaker this evening was Dr. Leslie Bush. Dr. Bush's presentation was entitled, "Recent Projects in Texas Archaeobotany: Hueco Tanks, Karankawa Canoe, "Oldest House", and Robertson County CRM."

Nick Morgan mentioned that he's agreed to continue on as President. Ken has agreed to run for Vice-President. Caitlan and Heather have agreed to continue as Treasurer and Secretary. Next month's speaker will be Karen Collins and will be about excavations at the Moore-Hancock Farmstead site.

Meeting concluded at 8:16 PM.