November 15, 2022

President Nick Morgan began the meeting at 7 PM.

The number in attendance was 25 in person. There were 15 present online. 

Caitlin gave the treasurer’s report via Zoom. The current balance is $ 8,912.92 after dues and purchasing a webcam. She reminded people to pay their dues ASAP. TBH requested us to become annual partners and asked for $500. Caitlin reminded us we budgeted for $500 for the archaeology fair which we never used, so the money is there for that. Treasurer’s report was accepted by all accepted.

Heather read the November minutes, which Leslie Bush had taken. Minutes were accepted by all present. 

Nick told us that no one has volunteered for the December Christmas party (in lieu of the meeting). He proposed we still meet at Casa Chapala since we already have the room reserved. Everyone agreed that was a good idea.

Nick asked people to sign in on the attendance sheet. Ken Headrick mentioned a site in Uvalde that is looking for volunteers, as well as the Llano Uplift Archaeological Society, and a dig site in Victoria. He reminded us that we have a trailer of equipment to use for volunteer digs if we have a new spot to dig. Nick added that there are volunteer opportunities on the Facebook page to volunteer for digs. 

Nick said Bob Ward called and wants to start a workshop on recording and documenting a site, maybe in the next 2-3 months. Labwork on Joyful Horse may resume now that the weather has cooled off.

TBH business is something that the officers/board will have to discuss. $500 is something we would have to donate every year and would take up a substantial part of our annual budget. Nick mentioned the Board will discuss it via Zoom since we need to do next year’s budget anyway.

Leslie Bush mentioned a field trip to the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History?. She proposed an informal trip on the 11th of December or January 7-8. It would be a day trip.

Pat mentioned a Christmas party with LUAS and said to check out the website. 

Dr. Lintz reminded Leslie to talk about thatching the Caddo hut on Sat. Nov. 26 at Caddo Mounds State Historic Site. They also need volunteers for the next 10-14 days to rethatch the hut. 

Nick mentioned that Leslie Bush was the guest speaker at the TAS Annual Meeting last night to much applause from those present. 

At 7:17 Nick introduced the November speaker, Dr. Chris Lintz. His presentation is entitled “Stone Tool Cache Diversity Across the Southern Plains: Insights into Prehistoric Behaviors and Cache Functions” Chipped stone caches are often regarded as rare occurrences from prehistoric Southern Plains sites. However, some 331 caches have been reported in published and online sources from Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas (T-O-K-Area). This talk clarifies what constitutes a cache, explores the diversity of caches, and examines the distribution of chipped stone caches across the southern Plains. More than 126 kinds of chert and quartzite resources outcrop in the T-O-K Area; yet only ten of these were used for making items for stone caching purposes. The distribution of specific kinds of caches relative to bedrock source outcrop, and their occurrences representative of chipped stone manufacturing-use-discard-recycle stages provides insights into caching behaviors. Differences in lithic materials comprising caches provide insights into interaction boundaries. The condition and kinds of implements comprising the cache composition suggests that sometimes age-grade and gender specific activities can be reconstructed from these kinds of features.