September 20, 2022

September 20th meeting

Number of people in attendance in person: 23

Nick Morgan convened the meeting at 7:01 PM.

Kaityln was not in attendance, so Nick gave the Treasurer’s report. There was a question of how to pay dues. Nick clarified that he can take dues and that dues taken in the latter half of the fall (Oct-Dec) are counted for the next year. Patrick motioned to accept the dues, Pat seconded. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Heather will read the minutes from August next month.

There are some upcoming fieldwork volunteer opportunities, which Ken shared with us. The information is available on the TVCAS Facebook page along with contacts. 

Jim announced that on Oct. 1 there will be an archaeology day at Pioneer Farms. 

Oct. 29th there will be an archaeology day at the French Legation Museum. Info on the French Legation Website. 

Leslie Bush called for volunteers to help make the pinch pot kits with the THC. They are looking for 10,000. There will be a 2-hour session this Saturday to assemble kits. Also, Leslie told us about the archaeology society in Newton, Texas that meets there. There will be a talk coming up about the Biloxi Native Americans. 

Steve Davis told us about a follow-up project on the reason Clovis survey, on a Folsom survey (similar to the Clovis). Eventually, there will be a comparative analysis between the two fluted point styles. There will be a fundraising campaign to help fund the project, including a few grants that have been applied for or will be applied for in the future. 

Heather Leonard was the speaker. Her presentation was called “Skail Farm: 800 Years of Occupation.” Skaill Farm is a farmstead located in Westness on the island of Rousay in Orkney, Scotland. Situated on an approximately two-meter-high occupation platform, the farm overlays an earlier Norse drinking hall that is mentioned in the Orkneyinga Saga. This presentation gives an overview of the ongoing summer field school excavations at Skaill Farm and the site’s relationship to the surrounding landscape of Westness and Orkney through its 800 years of known occupation.

The meeting concluded at 8:17 PM.