February 16, 2021

The Travis County Archeological Society met at 6:58pm on February 16, 2021 via Zoom. President Nick Morgan welcomed everyone to the meeting. Treasurer Caitlin was not present. Secretary Imogene Mitcham read the minutes of the January 19th meeting. Nick asked for corrections. There were none. Leslie Bush made the motion to accept the minutes. Robin Matthews seconded. The minutes were approved as read. Nick mentioned about the slate of officers. Since no one has volunteered for the position of secretary and Imogene mentioned she would continue on in that position providing that if anyone really wanted the position she would gladly step down and they could have it. With that being said, Nick said the slate of officers were the following:


President - Nick Morgan

Vice President - Chris Lintz

Secretary - Imogen Mitcham

Treasurer - Caitlin Gulihur

Member at Large - Ken Headrick

Communications Committee - Leslie Bush


Robin Matthews made a motion to approve the slate of officers. Elliot Richmond seconded. Nick mentioned that the new budget was on the website and asked if anyone had anything to add to it. No one had any thing to add to it. Beryl Hughes made the motion to accept the budget and Leslie Bush seconded. Nick mentioned that Chris Lintz’s wife had severe chest pains and was sent to the hospital. We need to pray for her. There were no other announcements. The March meeting speaker will be Dr. Timothy K. Perttula on the Caddo Mounds of East Texas. Nick introduced the speakers for tonight’s program: Eric Oksanen, Tiffany Osburn, and Ron Ralph. They talked about the upcoming field school in June of 2021 in Kerrville, Texas.


Nick thanked the speakers for an excellent presentation. Robert asked about tents and popups in the campsite. Tiffany mentioned the Flatrock area would be where the popups and RVs would be. Ken Headrick asked Nick to ask Tiffany if there is anything anybody can that doesn’t require a lot of physical effort that would not be in the lab. Sharpening tools was suggested. Nick asked if anyone doesn’t have any more questions. He then adjourned the meeting at 8:07pm.


There were 17 in attendance.


Respectfully submitted,

Imogene Micham