November 16, 2021

President Nick called the meeting to order at 7pm, welcoming everyone and noting how pleased we were to have Victor Galan as our speaker. Leslie Bush read the October meeting minutes. Robin Matthews made a motion to accept the minutes as read, and Elliot Richmond seconded. Caitlin Gulihur read the Treasurer’s report. She noted that our old bank is now PNC bank. Caitlin made sure the accounts rolled over properly. She reminded us that membership dues are on a calendar year basis, so membership renewals will be due soon. She also reminded everyone that she and Nick both live a long distance from our PO box and to please be patient as membership dues checks are cashed. Robin Matthews moved to accept the Treasurer’s report as read. Lori Decker seconded.


Becky Shelton provided an update on the Harrison-Greenbelt lab work that she and Aina Dodge are supervising. Lab days have started at the Texas Historical Commission Wheless Lab and will continue every Wednesday. The collection was made during the 1996 TAS field School. It is a held-in-trust collection that must be brought up to current curation standards before they can be turned over to the regional museum. Becky and Aina are particularly looking for someone with expertise in faunal analysis. Chris Lintz is analyzing the ceramics, and Harry Schafer is working on the lithics.


Nick Morgan reported that he and Ken Headrick are continuing to work on the Joyful Horse Site artifacts. Members should contact Nick if they wish to join in.


After some technical difficulties, Victor introduced his talk, “Excavations of the Woodland? and Caddoan occupations at the Honey Locust Site (41SM476) Sabine River Basin, Smith County, Texas”. Victor noted that he and Josh Haefner were co-principal investigators on the project. Many questions and animated discussion followed the presentation. The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm. There were 25 total Zoom connections, some watched by more than one person.


Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Bush