December 9, 2022 Board Meeting

Attending, via ZOOM, were Nick Morgan, pres. / Chris Lintz, vice-pres. / Heather Leonard, sec. / Caitlin Guilihur, trea. / Leslie Bush, communications. / Ken Headrick, at large

President Nick Morgan opened the meeting at 7:00.  The first item brought for discussion involved an increase in annual dues.  Based on budget projections from previous years, a five-dollar increase, to $20 a year, would add enough revenue to cover the monthly cost of including credit card capability to the website.  The board agreed to a five-dollar increase, making annual dues $20.  Also discussed on this subject was the possibility of securing a Square credit card reader to facilitate credit card payment of dues at monthly meetings.

The expenses from 2022 were reviewed.  Budgeted expenses that were not made included $150 ‘refund’ to Pres. Nick Morgan for ZOOM account, $500 for Archeology Fair, $200 for lab supplies, with $200 remaining in contributions and $59.02 in discretionary funds.

President Nick Morgan proposed budgeting $5,000 for support of 2023 TAS Annual Meeting in the form of scholarships, reasoning that the bulk of the society’s funds come from annual meetings, and that the society can potentially recover those funds should the meeting turn a profit.  Furthermore, these scholarships would promote involvement of more individuals in the archeological community.  The board agreed to the proposal.

In regards to a request from Texas Beyond History for the society to become sustaining members at the $500 per year level, the board agreed to budget $250 per year.

All board members have agreed to continue in their positions.

President Nick Morgan adjourned the meeting at 8:02 pm.