February 15, 2022

The proposed 2022 budget presented at the 2/15/22 meeting is below. 

Meeting Minutes 2/15/2022

The meeting commenced at 7 PM via Zoom. 27 people were present. 

Heather Leonard read the minutes from the January meeting, which were accepted by Robin and seconded by Tim Perttula. The report was accepted by the members.

Caitlin G. gave the Treasurer’s report from November 2021-current month. She reminded everyone that annual memberships were due and detailed the various membership levels. This report was moved by Leslie Bush, seconded by Bob Ward, and the motion was accepted by the members. Caitlin shared the 2022 proposed budget with the members. Caitlin reminded the members that a large part of our budget comes from co-hosting the TAS annual meetings to explain the general deficit we face every year. Elliot suggested putting in a small amount towards AV equipment every year, to cover replacing new equipment every 5 years. Elliot suggested $300 a year. Nick also mentioned that he paid for Zoom on his own and Leslie suggested TCAS covering the amount. Caitlin suggested Zoom Pro as a potential price point for the society at $150. Nick proposed $150 for the Zoom account. 

Nick said the proposed budget would be available on the website for viewing and commentary and then members would vote at the next meeting. The question of accepting digital payments to bolster membership was addressed. Caitlin and Leslie Bush mentioned this was addressed last year and detailed some of the problems associated with accepting digital payments, fees, and our domain. Members suggested various ways to accept credit card payments, such as Venmo, etc. Nick said he would ask other societies how they handled that. 

Nick Morgan gave an update on the upcoming TAS academy and said volunteers were still needed. A few responses from the Facebook page have come through, but they are people we don’t know. Nick asked for regular members to help with meals and transporting the meals. 

Nick asked for help with processing Joyful Horse artifacts.

At 7:24 PM, Cristin Embree gave a presentation on Archaeological Investigations at the Williams-Buck Site (41WM272), A Mid-1800’s to Early 1900’s Settlement in Williamson County, TX. 

The presentation concluded at 8:35 and the meeting concluded at 8:41PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Leonard