May 17, 2022

May 17, 2022 Minutes

This was our first in person meeting since 2020. We are now meeting at Casa Chapala at Burnet and Hwy 183. 

Tonight’s attendance was 16. 

Meeting commenced at 7:02 PM. Present Nick Morgan reminded members that dues were due. Heather Leonard read the April minutes and Robin and Bunny first and seconded to accept the meeting. The minutes were accepted by all members. Nick mentioned Caitlyn was not able to be present and the Treasurer’s report would be read the next meeting. 

Nick presented the budget for members’ perusal. Nick went over the budget and floated the idea of increasing member’s dues to $25 a year to cover reductions in budget. $150 were added to over the cost of a Zoom account. $300 was added to cover the cost of wear and tear and replacements on audio visual equipment. Discretionary funds were also changed to $300. Income for the year will be a deficit. Most of our income comes not from dues, but from profit from TAS Annual Meeting. Robin moved to accept the budget and Patrick seconded the motion, which was accepted by all members.

Nick mentioned Leslie Bush suggested making a donation towards the grass hut construction at Caddo Mounds. Nick said he didn’t know if we had made contributions yet this year, but that it would be tabled for now. Suggestions were also made to set up a fundraiser to support Caddo Mounds. Nick said he’d talk to Lori about taking care of that.

Nick shared information on a flyer from Doug Boyd about bottle borders.  

Information about a change to Austin code regarding fences and spiked topped was shared. Also, the Dallas Museum of Art is having a display about the Spiro Mounds coming up soon.

The status of Joyful Horse Site was questioned and Nick responded that the artifacts were at Ken’s house and had been consolidated and organized. They are ready to start being washed and processed, but only on the Archaic component. The Late Prehistoric artifacts have already been washed and sorted. 

Our speaker tonight was Dr. Eric Schroeder. He gave an overview of the Texas Private Lands Preservation Partnership (TPLPP), the threats to heritage resources on private lands, and the techniques private landowners can use to preserve these resources on their land.

Presentation commenced at 7:17 PM and concluded at 8:05 PM. Meeting concluded at 8:13 PM.