January 19, 2021

with 2021 budget

The meeting of the Travis County Archeological Society was called to order at 7:01 pm via Zoom on January 19, 2021. President Nick Morgan welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Secretary Imogene Mitcham read the minutes from the November meeting. Elliot Richmond made the motion to accept the minutes, and Pat Mercado-Allinger seconded the motion.


Treasurer Caitlin Gulihur gave the Treasurer’s report. She reminded everyone that dues are now due and several members have not paid as of yet. Paypal was discussed for membership dues, but it charges a fee. Bob Ward made the motion to accept Treasurer’s report as read and Leslie Bush seconded.


Nick mentioned that we are working on a proposed budged for this year. $750 has been earmarked for membership dues. There is $10,000 in checking account. and over $5,000 in the CD. Operating expenses: We have a PO box that costs $110 per year. Meals for guest speakers come out of petty cash, which we don’t have to worry about right now. Internet (website) is $12. Membership in the Texas Archeological Society (TAS) is $55. Equipment for computer is $0. The computer is fairly new, and we’re not using it for meetings. The equipment trailer will have to be moved off Rachel’s property this year. We need to get a permit for that. The trailer tires are over 10 years old. $400 is budgeted to buy new tires. We usually give $500 to the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory Archeology Fair for table rental, research expenses, and other necessities. $300 is budged for processing supplies and labwork for the Joyful Horse Ranch site $300. Nick asked if we want to send contribution money. Robin Matthews brought up paying Rachel for her hospitality, hosting excavations and the trailer. Nick can’t pay her, but we did build a cover over the excavations that she’ll use later for a carriage house. TvCAS spent $1200 on building materials for the cover. Nick mentioned in years past we’ve sent money to Texas Beyond History. He asked again for suggestions for contributions. Scholarships to the TAS Field School and Annual Meeting were mentioned. Discussion was brought up about the application process for field school. It was decided to donate scholarships for TAS to administer. Registration is $130, plus tent, meals, and transportation is approximately $300 for each person. After further discussion, we moved to send $600 for two scholarships at $300 apiece.  Elliot made the motion and was seconded. Motion carried.


Nick reminded us that we are non-profit and required to use the money and support other organizations. Leslie said Chris Lintz suggested the Shumla School (rock art research). Robin mentioned we could send in memory of Mike Quigg. $500 was agreed upon. Nick asked for a motion to the Shumla School in memory of Michael Quigg. Elliot made the motion and was seconded. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.


Elliot brought up the TAS as one of the organization for Amazon Smile. If you buy anything from Amazon, they donate to the organization of your choice.


Nick will get the budget online, sending it to Leslie for the website. [Budget appended below 2/15/21.]

In January, we elect new officers. As it stands, all officers have agreed to continue on. Imogene would like it if someone would like to take over the position of Secretary. She would like to relinquish that position. So far, no one has volunteered to take over the position. Nick asked if we could possibly defer the election of officers to the February meeting and see if someone would like to take the position of secretary. Bob made the motion and Elliot seconded. Nick asked for any other announcements. A member mentioned a group called American Veterans Archaeology to help veterans get archaeology experience. Leslie mentioned that deadline for the first TAS Academy is coming up in February 6th. That’s for the Ceramics Academy. There will be an Archeology 101 and an Archeobotany later this spring.


With no other announcements, Nick introduced the guest speaker, Leila Character. She did a program on “Machine Learning Applications in Geoarcheology using Remote Sensed Imagery to Model Location Features.”


Afterwards, Nick thanked Leila for the program and Bob for the recommendation. Nick did a followup to the meeting. We do not have a speaker lined up for next month. We will get someone lined up. Look for announcements coming forth. Meeting was adjourned at 8:31 pm. There were 28 members and three guests in attendance.


Respectfully submitted,

Imogene Mitcham








PROJECTED INCOME : from membership dues                                                     750.00



         Checking account -                                                                               10,102.92

         BBVA CDA -                                                                                              5,226.80



         2020 Income from membership fees- $720

         2019 Income from membership fees - $815



·  PO Box –                                                                                         110.00

·  Guest Speakers complimentary meals – 0 (paid with petty cash)     0

·  Internet Domain Name Fee -                                                                12.00

·  TAS Membership Dues (Association Level) -                                      55.00




·  Audio/Visual equipment – 0 (all in good working condition)                  0

·  Trailer – one day permit (to move trailer to new site)                 35.00

·  Tires for trailer -                                                                          400.00



·  TARL Archeology Fair                                                                   500.00

·  Texas Archeological Society Scholarship Fund                      600.00

·      Schumla School                                                                            500.00




·  Lab Supplies, Joyful Horse Site -                                              300.00





BUDGETED EXPENSES:                                                                                          $2,620.00


PROJECTED INCOME:                                                                                               $750.00


TOTAL                                                                                                                      <$1,870.00>