May 10, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Nick Morgan at 7:00pm.

Secretary Robin Matthews read the minutes from April meeting and they were approved by a motion from Elliott Richmond and second by Karen Fustes.”

Robin read a motion from the April meeting that amended the TvCAS Bylaws by inserting the word “Lifetime” between the words “Honorary” and “Membership” of Article II Section 3. The motion to amend was approved.

Robin introduced a motion that read as follows: “I move that TvCAS form a Scholarship Committee for the purpose of creating a Scholarship Program and application process to encourage teachers to attend TAS Field School.” The motion was seconded by Pat Allinger-Mercado.

After discussion, the motion passed. The following people volunteered to be on the Committee: Milton Bell, Karen Fustes, Robin Matthews, Ann Matthews, and Melissa Crowfoot Keane.

Treasurer Jonelle Chapman gave the Treasurer’s Report and it was accepted by a motion from Pat Allinger-Mercado with second by Kathy Richmond.

Pat A-Mercado announced that San Felipe site now has a museum, artifacts, an on site archeologist, and is set up to handle school groups as well as other groups.

Elliott Richmond announced that he is gradually transitioning out of being the Video Equipment Manager and so volunteer(s) should step forward so he can train them. Elliott has served in this capacity for many years.

President Morgan introduced Caitlin Gulihar as the speaker. Her topic was:

“Rockshelters and Settlement Patterns in Eastern Brewster County, Tx.”

Her presentation was well received by the members present.

There were 25 people in attendance.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.

Submitted by Secretary Robin Matthews