November 20, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Nick Morgan at 7pm.

Secretary Robin Matthews read the October minutes and they were approved by a motion by Pat Hatten with second by Doris Hill. 

There was not a Treasurer’s Report as Treasurer Jonelle Chapman was not present.

Nick announced that the December Holiday party will be at his house in Bastrop. The address is

163 Konahuanui, Bastrop 78602. The party will be from 2-5pm on December 16th. BYOB and covered dish.

Robin announced that he will bring the Texas projectile point posters to the Christmas party and to the January meeting.

 Nick announced that Ron Ralph will be the speaker and he will present the findings at the Sugarland Prison Cemetery. This will include DNA findings. It was noted in the media, that the Sugarland School District has halted work on a new school campus that would have destroyed some of the cemetery.

 Bob Ward brought everyone up to date on the Ft. Colorado site which is on land now owned by the Audubon Society. He reiterates that Travis County Archeological Society can be of great assistance in the survey and possible excavation of sections of this site.  He asked for volunteers to assist him and others to develop a plan for the project. Shovel testing, metal detecting, and survey may be involved.

Members of LUAS (Llano Uplift Archeological Society) members Jim Wukash, Pat Hatten, and Chuck Hixson presented their findings to date on the Baker Site. The presentation consisted of much information and great pictures. Discussion and many questions followed the presentation.

There were 33 people in attendance.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.

Submitted by Secretary Robin Matthews

P.S. Personal note, it has been a pleasure to have served as Secretary this year.