October 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Nick Morgan at 7pm.

Secretary Robin Matthews read the minutes from September meeting and they were approved by a motion by Dan  Prykal and seconded by Doris Hill.

Robin read the minutes from the September Board meeting which were amended and approved with a motion from Nick Morgan and seconded by Kathy Richmond.

Treasurer Jonelle Chapman gave the Treasurer’s Report and it was accepted with a motion by Pat Mercado with a second by Leslie Bush.

 Jonelle announced that TvCAS received a letter from the University of Texas thanking us for the donation for the parking tickets.

Nick announced that there were numerous “freebies” on the table courtesy of Waldo Troell.

Leslie noted that Mary Beth Tomka wanted to remind everyone about the parking for the “Archeology Day at TARL” and for volunteers to arrive by 9am for set up, and that there would be a “gathering” at Austin Beer Works after the event.

Doris Hill announced the names of several visitors at the meeting.

Leslie announced that there would be a caravan to the Annual Meeting in Ft. Worth, leaving Austin about 3pm and to call her if you wanted to join the caravan.

Waldo Troell gave an excellent presentation about “A Caddo Village On The Verge of the Historic Contact Period.” (41AN201).

Robin Matthews shows several pictures of Boy Scouts visiting the Joyful Horse site near Bastrop. The Scouts were completing their requirements to earn the Archeology Merit Badge.  Robin thanked Nick and Ken Headrick for their help. Nick gave the Scouts an overview of the site and Ken showed artifact samples and gave explanations of their use.

There were 32 people in attendance. The meeting was adjourned at 8:33pm.

Submitted by Robin Matthews