October 3, 2018 Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Nick Morgan and was held at Jonelle Chapman’s house. Those present were: Nick Morgan, Doris Hill, Jonelle Chapman, and Robin Matthews.  Ken Headrick was not present.

Jonelle discussed the need to have TARL parking passes for TvCAS members who volunteer at TARL.  It was unanimously agreed to purchase three passes at $140 each and these can be used by any TvCAS who wants to volunteer at TARL. 

Nick reported that Cafe Express has closed!!!! Our next meeting will be at the “26 Doors Center at the Santa Rita Cantina.” Each person will have a separate ticket and they do have margaritas reported Nick.

Nick asked for suggestions for future speakers or topics. Several suggestions were made and Nick and Robin will follow up on some of these including music, language (which are growing areas of Archeological interest), Robin suggested DNA and the Aquarena Springs Underwater Archeology Project.

Nick mentioned that it might be best if TvCAS contacted the Audubon Society about the Ft. Colorado site and have the Audubon Society take the lead with TvCAS assisting rather that being in charge of the project. 

Nick mentioned an old 1850’s cabin that is deteriorating and that we might contact Frank Darr to see if TvCAS could help in any way.

Nick mentioned that at some point soon there might be a need to do Carbon 14 tests on some mussel shells from the Joyful Horse site. He added that the site will probably be closing soon.

Nick suggested that TvCAS needs to increase outreach to select groups such as retired teachers and genealogical groups. 

The meeting was adjourned at 12:23pm.

Submitted by Secretary Robin Matthews