October 19, 2021

The Travis County Archeological Society met via zoom on October 19, 2021. President Nick Morgan called the meeting to order at 7pm. Many members were having trouble because the Zoom link hadn't been formatted properly in the meeting email. Nick was able to provide technical support to several members who reached out for help while he was presiding over the meeting. 

Imogene Mitcham read the minutes from the September meeting. Nick thanked her, and Elliot Richmond made a motion to approve the minutes. It was seconded by another member and approved unanimously. Nick read the Treasurer’s report. A member moved to accept, and Jim Schmidt seconded. 

Becky Shelton spoke about the Texas Preservation Trust Fund’s project to rehabilitate the Harrison-Greenbelt Collection.  Volunteer lab days will be hosted at the Texas Historical Commission’s facility off Manor Road.  Nick said he and Ken will be washing artifacts from the Joyful Horse site tomorrow and reminded people that more formal lab work will commence soon. He also mentioned a landowner in northern Bastrop County who has a site on his land. Earlier visit plans were delayed due to hot weather, but they will happen now that it’s cooler. 

The speaker for the November 16 meeting will be Dr. Victor Galan. Traditionally, the December meeting has been a potluck social, but that has been suspended due to Covid. 

After the meeting, Linda Gorski gave well researched and entertaining presentation on "The Happy Hollow: An Emergency Salvage Archeology Project in Houston’s Historic Red Light District."