February 13, 2023 Board Meeting

The board solidifed our 2023 budget, discussing a few remaining lines. A gift of $250 was proposed for Texas Beyond History. There was a move to add a $5,000 student scholarship for the annual meeting to the "contributions" section. Caitlin shared the budget with the board and we discussed removing the contribution to the TARL Archeology Fair since it hasn't happened the last few years. $600 was also removed from the scholarship fund due to the above large student scholarship. We did not spend any money on Joyful Horse lab supplies this year, but Nick said we probably will this year. He also asked that we add a line to denote splitting profits for the upcoming annual meeting with TAS against our projected deficit.

We also discussed raising the membership dues by $5 for each level to cover increasing costs. Everyone approved this proposal. We also discussed the possibility of adding a credit card button to the website, or getting a square reader to use at meeting.

View the Proposed 2023 Budget here