March 16, 2021

The Travis County Archeological Society met at 7pm on March 16, 2021 via Zoom. President Nick Morgan welcomed everyone to the meeting. Secretary Imogene Mitcham read the minutes of the February 16, 2021 meeting. There were no corrections. Tim Perttula made the motion to accept the minutes, and Elliot Richmond seconded. They were approved as read. Treasurer Caitlin Gulihur gave the Treasurer's report. Nick asked for a motion to have the Treasurer's report approved as read. Timothy made the motion and Elliot seconded it. Caitlin reminded everyone that dues are due. She mentioned that the taxes for the year are done. 


Nick mentioned that there were a couple of additions that need to be made in the budget. The post office box has increased to $134/year. He also said we didn’t include in the budget a contribution where if a member passes or if someone from a member’s family passes away we would want to make a $100 contribution in the name of the person to an organization of their choice. Nick will get in touch with Vice President Chris Lintz, who recently lost his wife, and ask him where he would like a contribution to be made.  We will add another $300 to the budget for contributions. When we do move the equipment trailer, we need to get a temporary permit. We estimated $35 in the budget. It turns out a 72-hour permit is only $25. There will be a couple of adjustments to the budget. Nick will make the changes and post them on the website. [Note: They are posted in the embedded spreadsheet below.] We will vote on them at our next meeting.


Nick mentioned that Dan Prikryl has been released from the hospital and is home now. His address was put in the chat box, and he would appreciate cards.


We have talked in the past about taking a little field trip out to the Southeast Metro Park near the Toyah Bluff Site. James Karbula who has excavated that site and reported on it, will be our next speaker, in April 2021. Some time in the near future we can plan an outing when we feel like venturing out again. With no other announcements, Nick asked Elliot if he would read the biography on Timothy Perttula. The presentation was "Ancestral Caddo Mounds and Monuments in East Texas."


After the program Nick thanked Dr. Perttula for an informative program. With on other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:52pm. There were 39 in attendance.


Respectfully submitted,

Imogene Mitcham